Want to become a Bobath Tutor?

BBTA is part of IBITA (international Bobath Instructor Training Association) which is the international organisation of Instructors, teaching the Bobath Concept, applied to the assessment and treatment of adults with neurological conditions.

IBITA was formed in 1984 for the specific purposes of providing a forum for defining the continued interaction and education of its present instructors and the training of future instructors and for the formulation of the Byelaws and Rules & Regulations of the organisation with respect to the teaching of the Bobath Concept worldwide.

The training of an IBITA instructor is by IBITA, and supported by BBTA. Please see the IBITA website for more information: www.ibita.org

Basic Course Instructor training (from the IBITA website)

Physiotherapists and Occupational therapists may enter an instructor-training programme to become an IBITA-recognised instructor.

To be admitted to the instructor-training programme the candidate must have successfully completed:

  1. A Basic Course on "The Assessment and Treatment of Adults with Neurological Conditions - The Bobath Concept"
  2. A minimum of one year clinical experience
  3. An Advanced Course
  4. Six month's clinical experience
  5. A second Advanced Course
  6. Six month's clinical experience.

The training consists of assisting and co-instructing with an IBITA-recognised instructor on at least three Basic Courses, with a least six months' clinical experience between each assistantship. During the whole period of training the candidate must complete a minimum of 600 hours of clinical work per year and attend a minimum of 130 hours of formal training (including assistantship on a basic course, Instructor training modules, advanced courses or clinical placement) over any two-year period.

For more information or to register expressions of interest please contact the BBTA office: office@bbta.co.uk