• 09/05/2016
  • 06:04 am
Kibler WB, Ludewig PM, McClure PW and others. (2013) Clinical implications of scapular dyskinesis in shoulder injury: the 2013 consensus statement from the ‘scapular summit’. British Journal Sports Medi-cine 47:877–885.

The ‘scapula summit’ meetings bring together prominent researchers in the field of scapula function and scapula dyskinesis. This is the second publication of the proceedings of such meetings with the initial ‘scapula summit’ paper being published in 2009. The ‘accumulated’ knowledge of the researchers is discussed in relation to shoulder problems secondary to disordered scapula function. Consideration is given amongst other things to pathology in musculoskeletal and sport, clinical evaluation and treatment, as well as measurement of outcome.

This paper is a useful reference for therapists as it provides a comprehensive overview of current knowledge in this area. It also clearly describes the concept of scapula dyskinesia along with related func-tional anatomy. Although the section linked to clinical treatment is very orientated to the MSK field it highlights some mechanical interferences to efficient shoulder function that can also be encountered within the neurological patient.