• 30/11/2010
  • 04:20 pm
Fotoohabadi MR, Tully EA, Galea MP (2010) Kinematics of rising from a chair: image-based analysis of the sagittal hip-spine movement pattern in elderly people who are healthy. Physical Therapy 90:561-571

aThe aim of this study was to describe the sagittal thoracolumbar kinematics and hip-lumbar spine interaction during the sit to stand (STS) task in elderly people, who were healthy, in order to guide physical therapists in developing treatment strategies. 41 subjects were analysed after two or three practices, adopting the most comfortable anteroposterior foot position.

Key messages:

  • Close to full available hip flexion range (90%) was used during pre buttocks lift off (LO) phase
  • Participants did not look down at LO
  • Thoracic mobilisation exercises may be required to enable optimal STS performance
  • Encouraging active anterior tilting in sitting as a preparatory exercise for STS is based on incorrect assumptions
  • Concurrent hip and lumbar flexion and thoracic extension position the upper body (trunk) segment in an appropriate forward lean posture during the pre-LO phase and this movement interaction reverses in the post-LO phase

This interesting paper clarifies the functional relationship between the spine and pelvis during the rising from a chair in healthy adults and provides information relevant to re-education of this essential pre-requisite to functional independence.