The purpose of BBTA

  1. Optimise the activity and well being of adults with neurological impairment through improving therapeutic intervention using The Bobath Concept.

    By running structured modular courses at differing levels, including theoretical, practical and patient centred components aimed at developing the assessment and treatment skills of the participants.

  2. Maintain and improve the standards of BBTA recognised courses.

    Through continuous evaluation of all aspects of course content, teaching methodology and organisation and by implementing appropriate change where necessary.

  3. Facilitate personal and professional development of all members.

    Through organising regular meetings and educational programmes. Mechanisms in place include peer group review, personal development plans and mentorship.

  4. Promote the development of The Bobath Concept related to adults with neurological impairment.

    Through promoting clinical effectiveness and encouraging research and publications, so providing a resource for information relating to The Bobath Concept.

  5. Formulate and carry out a training programme for physiotherapists and occupational therapists to become future members of BBTA.

    By providing training modules/workshops, assistantships on courses and peer group support to enable trainees to reach the level of qualification.