Tutor Trainee module - our future BBTA tutors!
20 Dec, 2021 - 12:07 pm 0 comments

"The Art of Facilitation" - Chester 

Back in early November, we had the opportunity to get our new Tutor Trainees together for a training module.  The 6 instructor candidates are training to be Bobath Tutors with BBTA, and the learning, sharing and reflective atmosphere was really productive on the course.  Our module was titled 'The Art of Facilitation' - and we worked through postural transitions in and out of standing, sitting, lying, side lying, and stand-down postures to maximise postural activity and movement control.  Building controlled activity and summating this for function was a key element of developing facilitation skills for the group.  Everyone enjoyed the module and it was highly rated on evaluation. Now these tutor trainees will be joining the next Basic Bobath Courses BBTA teaches, to complete their assistantships, and to continue developing their clinical and teaching skills. 

If you want to consider training as a Bobath Tutor please look at our website which gives you more information   or contact us on:

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