• 15/10/21
  • 24/10/21
Advanced Bobath Course - Application of the Bobath concept; promoting recovery of community walking
Advanced Bobath Courses

Learning Objectives – Chester Advanced Bobath Course - 5 Days

Friday 15, Saturday 16, Sunday 17, Saturday 23, Sunday 24 October 2021

By the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

1.    Demonstrate advanced clinical reasoning skills in the assessment, treatment and management of neurological patients using the Model of Bobath Clinical Practice (MBCP). 

2.    Understand the Neurophysiological systems control for feedforward and feedback postural control and human locomotion. 

3.    Recognise key biomechanics and neuromuscular features underpinning efficient human gait, especially in relation to the challenges of community walking, and relate this to the impact of pathology. 

4.    Understand the greater biomechanical challenge, and maintenance of dynamic balance, of stair walking, relative to walking on level ground.

5.    Analyse and improve the efficiency of movement components required to ascend and descend the stairs.

6.    Understand the role of sensation, the role of the foot, and body schematics, in posture and movement control.

7.    Use a knowledge of neural control and key biomechanical features in order to clinically reason priorities for treatment within the neurological patient population who have potential to return to community walking.

8.    Apply and use the evidence base concerning human locomotion to optimize recovery of community mobility and function.