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Advanced Bobath Courses
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Course description:

These five day courses are open to therapists who have successfully completed the Basic Bobath course.

Course participants usually complete a pre-course questionnaire in which they are able to raise areas of interest, so that the courses can be tailored towards their needs.

These courses may follow a particular theme e.g. upper limb recovery, target a specific client group e.g. Patients with Multiple Sclerosis or may have a general theme of advanced clinical reasoning and treatment progress.

It is recommended that at least 12 months elapse between the end of the Basic Bobath course and the start of the Advanced Bobath course.

Course aims

This course facilitates participants to deepen their current understanding in aspects of neurological rehabilitation developing clinical skills in the context of evidence based practice.

Participants will develop their problem solving skills through guided workshops used to demonstrate clinical reasoning and practical treatment sessions aimed at enhancing patient care.

The course will provide participants with the opportunity to review current evidence critically and synthesise this within their clinical practice in the context of the Bobath Concept.

Specific handling skills will be developed through structured analysis.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the participants should be able to:

1 Demonstrate more advanced clinical reasoning skills in the assessment, treatment and management of neurological conditions.

2 Critically evaluate and synthesise the theoretical evidence base for neurological rehabilitation and in depth movement analysis to develop individually tailored treatments.

3 Develop a clear understanding of how a change at the neuro-physiological level can impact on the patients clinical presentation and level of functioning.

5 Critically evaluate and progress individual patient treatment programmes and response to treatment using appropriate objective and subjective measures.

Who is this course suitable for?

Qualified Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists working in neurology and established at a Senior level.


You must have completed the Basic Bobath course.

How to apply

In order to apply to attend a particular Advanced Course, or to express your interest in attending a future course, please email the BBTA office via and attach:

Curriculum Vitae including CSP or BAOT number
Scanned Copy of your Basic Bobath Course certificate
Scanned Copy of your HCPC Registration

Alternatively, all of the above can be faxed to 0871-640-4261

Additional guidelines


Course organisers can apply to host a 'Special' Advance Course (for example ISCI; MS; TBI)

Organising a course

The Advanced Bobath Course is a 1 week course (usually Monday to Friday, but increasingly held including weekend days)

The usual number of participants is 16-18.

If you are interested in hosting / organising an Advanced Course and would like further information, please contact the BBTA office via